Monday, April 11, 2011


In honor of my mother, who dedicated her life to raising and teaching her boys. Because she has insisted for long enough, I have a gift for writing, that even I am starting to believe it.

2011 has been a year of achievement for me. I set out with a few modest new years resolutions (which I never really took seriously before) and made it my priority to see them through. Yes, this blog is one of them. No, I do not have any prior experience or expertise on public blogging. So, I do not expect this endeavor of mine to blossom with instant success. In fact, I have yet to decide for what purpose I will use this blog. Currently, it is merely a tool for my own personal enjoyment and for now that is enough to satisfy my aspirations. Perhaps my following posts should be an introduction of myself, in summary? Or maybe, I should jump right into my opinions on a current political issue, or describe one of my recent life experiences (product of my relentlessly hazardous pursuit of happiness)? If for some reason you happen to stumble across this post and read it through, then please feel free to offer your topic suggestions, blogging tips, or cyber-hate comments. Maybe I'm deranged, but the idea of somebody tucked into their computer cubicle angrily responding to my less-than-amateur blog excites me on a cellular level...

I feel like it is necessary to explain my name "AisA" and the quote posted in the About Me Box. As of a few weeks ago I finished reading the book Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand. If you are familiar with this book then you will understand what I mean when I say it has induced profound changes in my life. If the strongest pillar in your life rested on the premise that you would never read any book, for any reason, ever. I would recommend you break that promise to yourself and risk the consequences, to read this book. If reading the Bible, can save your soul. Then reading Atlas Shrugged, can save your life. A is A, is the expression of the law of Identity. The law that states, Man is Man, existence exists, and that rights are an undeniable condition of human existence, not a gift from a government or a society or a divinity. Because man's rights are required due to his nature for his proper survival. The quote posted in my self-description is the covenant of the book's hero John Galt which he made to himself of his own volition. To express the full value and meaning of that promise I would have to write a blog nearly the size of Ayn Rand's Novel. So, if what I have said thus far is interesting to you just go read the book... You will not regret it...

P.s. I do not stand to gain any financial or material reward should you purchase the book.

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