Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Photographer: Cassie Armstead
Photo: Clayton Andrade- Live Broadcast Session 2010

So I toured a little of Nor-Cal this weekend with my Brother and performed with him. Clayton moved to Nashville, Tenn. about a year ago to purse his passion in country music performance. Above is photo of him tunig his guitar prior to singing a few of his orginal songs live on a Lake County Radio Station. Clay's First album is in the early production stages. He starred recently in a country music video produced by the CASH CREEK Band titled UNLIKLEY ANGEL. A great song you can find on youtube.

I had a great time playig with him his weekend. I personally, don't care so much to perform by myself, but playing with my brother h away's been something I enjoy immensily. We both write songs and play guitar, I like singing back-up for Clay. His voice is very cutting edge, emotional, and strong. Perhaps, I can post some of his music in later posts!

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  1. wow tell cassie, Great photo! i remember her share a few song you and your brothers sang together, you guys sound amazing together. i'll have to check out unlikley angel on youtube... =)